Aditi Bhagwat

Kathak dancer & Actor

Aditi Bhagwat


Aditi’s musical journey began very early in life. She inherited her keen sense of music and rhythm from her mother Smt. Ragini Bhagwat who is a trained classical singer and who dedicated most of her time listening to music and making every note perfect. Aditi carried this tradition further after starting to learn the classical dance at a tender age of 4 years. She began rigorous training in the Jaipur style of“Kathak”  dance under Padmashri Dr.Roshan Kumari with strict discipline and ethics. 

She has also received the able guidance of Kathak exponent Smt. Nandita Puri and Tabla doyen Shri Yogesh Samsi. Having secured a masters in Psychology, Aditi did her masters in Kathak dance from the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. She is an A graded artist of the Doordarshan Kendra and impanelled with the Indian Council of Cultural Relations. She has received the title of “Nalanda Nritya Nipun”  from the Nalanda Dance and Research Academy, Mumbai. Besides Kathak, Aditi takes special interest in performing the Marathi folk dance Lavani. She also received training in “Odissi”  by Smt. Jhelum Paranjpe and owes her grooming in Abhinaya (expressions) and graceful posture to Odissi.

Indian music permits the freedom to explore as long as the artist stays within the discipline of the structure of music. Aditi follows the same norms while performing but given an opportunity she has always tried to explore and cross, traditional borders and create newer limits in her art form. With a strong foothold in traditional Kathak dance, she has tried to experiment with the traditions of Jazz and world music. Her first collaborative venture was with Jazz maestro Louiz Banks, ace percussionist Sivamani and music composer Merlin D’souza from India. She performed at the Budapest Spring Festival for the Indo-Gypsy Jazz project with pianist Bela Szakcsi Lakatos in Hungary, Kathak and Electronic music collaboration with the band Kartik and Gotam: Business Class Refugees in France and for The Issue Project with New York based pianist Rod Williams. 

Aditi’s recent collaborative ventures with the Spanish Flamenco dance style are ‘FlamencoKathaa’- an initiative of Indian Flamenco artist Kunal Om and Aditi and ‘Crossroads’ which is a unique Kathak-Jazz-Flamenco project with Flamenco exponent Bettina Castaño and Jazz exponents Dallas Smith and Susan Mazer from the USA. ‘Crossroads’ was launched at the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai collaboration in association with the Consulate General of Spain in Mumbai at NCPA’s Spectrum International Dance Festival in February 2020.
Another unique collaboration was with New York based Grammy nominated record producer Joel Hamilton on a single that features her foot percussion and ghungroos as the core theme of the track.
The admirers of Aditi’s talent saw another side her personality as a dancer/actor in the Hindi movie ‘Traffic Signal’ and in several regional Marathi films like ‘Chalu Nawara Bholi Bayko’, ‘Dombivli Fast’, ‘Sumbaran’, ‘Vasudeo Balwant Phadke’ and television shows like ‘Avantika’, ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’ and ‘Eka Peksha Ek’.
Aditi co-produced and acted in the international short film titled ‘Aarsa’ which was an official selection at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, New York Indian Film Festival, Dadasaheb Phalke Film festival, Kashish LGBTQ Film Fest and Toronto LGBTQ Film Festival. She portrays a dancer in the movie thereby bringing her real life close to reel life.

Aditi received the OneBeat fellowship which was an initiative of the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Under this fellowship Aditi collaborated with 32 musicians from all over the world. Aditi featured as a ‘foot percussionist’ from India and successfully combined Indian rhythms and Kathak bols (syllables) through her feet and ghungroos.Aditi featured as a ‘foot percussionist’ from India and successfully blend the sound of the Ghungroos and her stomping feet with the diverse musical instruments. Through this fellowship, Aditi delved into the possibility of using the Ghungroos as an instrument and weaving them in rhythmic patterns with myriad instruments like the Gayageum, Cuatro, Banjo and Ghumbri.

She has gracefully blend the stylized gestures of Kathak and the sophisticated rhythm of the Tatkaar, Chakkradhars and different Taals with varying time cycles with instruments like the Djembe, Drums, Ghumbri, Cuatro, Sarode, Sitar and many more. 

Aditi believes that Indian traditional art forms can never reach extinction if the newer, younger generation is motivated towards learning these art forms and she has been investing her time in creating new promising dancers for the future. In her institute “ADA” (Aditi Dance Academy), Aditi trains young, promising talent to develop a liking towards traditional art forms and thereby cherish the age old culture that India is proud of. She has extended this effort to countries like the US, where she has been conducting workshops and Lecture/Demonstrations in Kathak and Indian folk forms for the Indian and American population.
Aditi deeply loves and respects the rich cultural heritage that our country is adorned with. She is indebted to her Gurus for introducing her to this beautiful culture of Kathak dance and classical music.

Aditi Bhagwat



Aditi Bhagwat portrays various aspects of the Jaipur style of Kathak in her solo recital. The recital showcases traditional Shiva & Ganesh Vandana/Stuti (worship or praise), Nritta (pure technical dance) and Abhinay (the emotive aspect of dance presented through Gat Bhav, Thumri and Bhajan). The recital also showcases Tarana, Jugalbandi with the Tabla and other interesting elements of Kathak dance.

Kafila - A Bollywood Caravan

Kaafila is a variety entertainment show directed and conceptualised by Aditi Bhagwat & Kunal Om.
Kaafila showcases flamenco-kathak duet, Bollywood dances based on Kathak, dances and songs from the Golden era of Indian cinema, Sufi songs and Qawaalis, instrumentals and so much more!
Kaafila featured in 25 cities in the US in 2018 for the Ekal Vidyalaya fundraising events.

Kathak Lavani Jugalbandi "Kathak ki Adaa, Lavani ka Thumkaa"

‘Lavani’ and ‘Kathak’ are two sister acts, developed together during the time of the Peshwas rule in Maharashtra, they go hand in hand especially while presenting finer details of ‘Adakari’, ‘Taal’, ‘Laikari’ and showmanship of movements. This jugalbandi traces the similarities and the differences of both these dance forms simultaneously.
The show is conceptualised and produced by Aditi Bhagwat. The kathak counterpart is presented by kathak exponent Harshada Jambekar.


Collaboration Gallery


Lavani is a folk dance originating from the state of Maharashtra in India. This dance form is well known for its exuberant movements, melodious tunes, exciting footwork and sensuous lyrics. Aditi, being born and brought up in the state of Maharashtra, takes keen interest in this traditional art form and has presented it to audiences from across the globe. A Lavani recital showcases traditional renditions like the Mujra, Dholki—Ghungroo Jugalbandi along with popular and traditional Lavani songs. All in all, the dance form portrays a colourful celebration of life.


The Consulate General of Spain, Mumbai presents CROSSROADS in collaboration with Aditi Bhagwat- a compilation of versatile artists, music and dance compositions with highly skilled performers in their own fields. Crossroads is a team of eight artists exploring traditions of each form in their own styles and cross over to embrace the other. Kathak and Flamenco converge to Jazz tunes and the Harp, Guitar and Violin render exquisite melodies to the tapping feet. 
Flamenco-Kathak-Jazz, three disciplines of rhythm, dance and music meet and greet on the same stage; this juxtaposition of three forms is interesting! 
Exploring the foot tapping traditions of Flamenco and Kathak- Aditi and Flamenco exponent Bettina Castaño (Seville, Spain) tie knots and go a step further incorporating Jazz music in this collaboration. Dallas Smith and Susan Mazer, two phenomenal Jazz musicians from the USA present their original Jazz and world music compositions merging them with the two disciplines of dance. Renowned guitarist from India, Sanjay Divecha, performs his original compositions that resonate with Flamenco and Indian disciplines of music adding his unique flavour to the collaboration. Swapnil Bhise and Shruti Bhave are the Indian counterparts of this collaboration- bringing the best of Hindustani music to the platform to join hands with Flamenco and Jazz. Lending seamless grooves and adding the percussive elements is our percussionist from France, Emmanuel Simon who has worked with both Jazz and Flamenco traditions of music before. Truly, a melting pot of music and cultures!
All three styles, equally exuberant in nature- sporadic and spontaneous are a great match… 
The ensemble features-
Aditi Bhagwat- Kathak
Bettina Castaño- Flamenco
Susan Mazer- Jazz Harp
Dallas Smith- Soprano Sax, Flute and Clarinet
Sanjay Divecha- Guitar
Swapnil Bhise- Tabla
Shruti Bhave- Violin
Emmanuel Simon- Percussion

Flamenco Kathaa - Kunal Om & Aditi Bhagwat

A collaboration is when two ideas meet, dissimilar yet similar ; a beautiful merger of varied flavours giving an experience far beyond the regular.
Bringing two different worlds together, Indian Flamenco artist Kunal Om and Kathak exponent Aditi Bhagwat have produced their new collaborative idea : “Flamenco-Kathaa”- Kathak being the dance of the storytellers.
Flamenco-Kathaa is a blend of the two disciplines in their pure and collaborative form. With foot tapping being at the crux of both styles, Flamenco and Kathak seamlessly overlap creating rhythmic patterns and nuances unique and new to the two dance forms.
Why Flamenco and Kathak?
The roots of Flamenco can be traced back to the gypsy traditions in Rajasthan; artists (gypsies and nomads) travelled from Rajasthan (India) to as far as Rumania, Egypt, Hungary and then took permanent abode in Spain thereby creating the legacy of the Spanish Flamenco.
One of the three schools of Kathak dance is in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Aditi Bhagwat is a proud representative of the Jaipur lineage of kathak dance.
The audience will see Aditi and Kunal weaving traditional Kathak repertoire and authentic Flamenco compositions together. Sufi melodies add a zing of upbeat tempo and a spiritual connect every dancer has with his/her art. 

Piya Milan Ki Aas - Kathak Thumri Jugalbandi

Kathak- Aditi Bhagwat
Thumri- Dhanashree Pandit Rai
The mention of the word “nayika” in Thumri Kathak parlance conjures up an image of the lovelorn, pining heroine in the stance of an eternal wait for her beloved and tormented by unrequited love, and to an extent this portrayal did match the plight of the rural indian women in the middle ages. However the courtesan who danced, sang and played out this “nayika” in the courts was an extremely dignified, sophisticated and accomplished woman who was considered one of the most powerful women of that century.
This presentation explores this art of “Bhaav” creation in Kathak and Thumri through word play, (bol banav) and “Ada (dance gestures) which was the courtesans forte when she entertained. The classic themes of these two sister arts will also be elaborated upon in an attempt to delve into and perpetuate this magic of the Thumri in the coming generation too.

Aditi Bhagwat conducts workshops and master classes :

Online training in dance- (Sessions conducted on Zoom and Skype)

  • Kathak, Lavani and Folk Dances.
  • Choreography of shows and dance sequences.
  • Fees:USD 40$ per session per student.
  • Duration :60-75mins.


Location: Mumbai, India
Age limit: 5 years and above.

Fees for beginners: 4000/- per month
Duration: 60 mins

One on one classes/ Individual sessions

Kathak- 800/- per session

Semi classical dances and
Lavani 1000/- per session

Duration: 60-75 mins.

Individual masterclass

Choreography and technique with Aditi Bhagwat in Kathak, Lavani and Kathak based Bollywood and semi classical dances

Fees: 2500/- per session
Duration: 90mins


The academy also offers designing, styling and tailoring for Kathak and Indian/fusion dance costumes by designer Inderjit Nagi.

Aditi Bhagwat


B/73/731, MIG Colony, Bandra (E), Mumbai-400051