Aditi Bhagwat


Aditi Dance Academy (ADA)

Aditi Bhagwat conducts workshops and master classes in:
  • Kathak
  • Lavni,
  • Rajasthani folk,
  • Film based semi classical and folk dances and
  • Theory in Kathak.


Location: Mumbai, India
Contact: Ragini Bhagwat
Age limit: 5 years and above.

Fees: 13 yrs and above 2000 per month

Master Class and Workshops:

Age limit: 14 years and above
  • Basics in Kathak and folk dance
  • Kathak theory
  • Choreography of a film based Kathak, semi classical or folk dance
  • Folk/film dance routines
  • Dance clinic (methods of dance practice, theory in dance, Abhinaya or facial expressions, notations in dance)
Fees per session- 60 to 75 mins

800- 1200 depending upon the level of training.

For Kids below 13 years:

  • Basics in dance
  • Choreography of film based folk/semi classical dance
  • Basics in facial expressions, use of body and hand gestures in dance
  • Basics in 'taal' (Rhythm)
Fees: 1000 per month Below 10 yrs

          1500- 10 to 13 yrs


For online Kathak and folk/film based dance classes and workshops, contact: with 'Online Classes' mentioned in the subject field.


For costumes for dance recitals (designed, stitched & exported from India, contact: with 'Costumes' mentioned in the subject field.